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10 SIMPLE STEPS to select SUITABLE MAID or NANNY for interview!

Are you not with the right candidate for the first time? Don’t worry! It happens sometimes when people cannot get the right helper. This might depend on your requirement and it may take a few rounds of the interview as well.
As per my experience, I would suggest simple steps:

  1. Call each one of them one by one; Try to clear all the basic questions over a simple phone call and you will be surprised that your selection list will lose half of its candidates. Also, be ready to hear totally different information that you may read in CV!!! I was shocked and was grateful to myself to call them first. From 15 candidates, I was left with 2 after phone screening!
  2. Select any public place that is easy to be reached by public transport. Be ready that majority the candidate will be late sometimes for about an hour!
  3. Each interview will be around 45 min to 1 hour… You will also need to take a deep breath in between, so having 10 min will be a good idea…
  4. Now the most common question is what should I ask? Well, it took me a lot of time to set these questionnaires for you, but I am happy to share it. This whole site as you notice is build using my question system which I was working on really hard. Read my Questions for 1st interview blog https://contactmaid.com/what-to-ask-in-interview-20-basic-questions/
  5. After you are done and barely can reach back home))) Take a deep breath 🙂 Avoid making decisions on the same day.
  6. The next day, you will need to inform a few selected ladies that you have selected them and willing to go forward. Ask these ladies to confirm whether they are willing to work as per your discussed conditions or not. You will be surprised that some of them will reject your proposal after chatting with their friends or relatives.
  7. Ask them if they have any more questions, most of them will do!
  8. Few selected candidates finally can be invited to your home, where they can see real working conditions and probably meet some of the family members.
  9. On 2nd interview, I would propose to ask totally different type of questions which will give you a clearer understanding of the person in front of you. Inform candidate (if selected) where she needs to come for 2-3 days of trial, so she can bring some of her needed stuff & clothes with her.
  10. Here is the most important point of this blog. YOU MUST TRY every lady you have selected. Be prepared if some ladies may reject working with you after trial, at least better now than later! You save your time and money, not to mention your nerves 🙂

I would suggest that at the end of the trial, don’t forget to pay these 2-3 days! Simply divide 30 days on the agreed salary and give them this amount. I honestly suggest covering transportation too, however, this is definitely up to you…

My biggest advice at this stage is to remain silent during your interview. The majority of women make the mistake of talking; please remember, the more she talks, the more real stories will come out. I would also suggest you sleep without analyzing anything you see that day and start thinking about it by tomorrow. Your decision will be way clearer about what you have seen yesterday.

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