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Often asked questions

1.Should I invite them home for 1st interview?I would say “NO”, definitely NO. Honestly speaking you don’t want all this unknown people in your house. As well it may be very difficult for them to reach without paying for a taxi which they cannot afford.I would suggest set up public easily accessible point like famous coffee shop in the mall

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Choosing the right Nanny is like getting married! I find it more difficult to get the right nanny than my beloved husband. When you live with someone for the long term, every small habit will make you feel frustrated. So, choose carefully! Once your kids become comfortable with her, it will be very difficult to change her. We all dream

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Process of selecting a SUITABLE MAID

Mostly it’s all about agreeing on general condition and teaching her in your way. Please pay attention to a lady’s experience and especially her first employer because the skills that she learned in her first family will stay with her forever. It may look not important enough but if you think deeply about it, Arabic or European or Asian mothers

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I have come upon with 3 major mistakes that most of the women make while choosing helper, which are listed below: MISTAKE 1. Many mothers make mistakes while choosing proper helper which often leads to a lot of misunderstanding, frustration, & fights on both sides. You must be honest with yourself who you need more, it’s a critical point for

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