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How to find Maid? Agency vs Friends vs Online source

Finding a maid is not an easy task nowadays. There are three main sources that people frequently use to get a maid from agency / friends / online sources. Let’s have a look at all the options with good and bad points below:

Personally, I am totally against ANY TYPE OF AGENCY because I believe that this is the most useless & expensive way. After paying a ridiculous amount of cash, you will have to wait and time is a list of the problems here. No matter how the agency is trying to convince you that they will search for the right candidate for you– Ask yourself honestly, can a person who knows nothing about you, seen you once or twice in their life, select the right candidate considering your personality and specific requirements???

Here is more… We all make mistakes! Sometimes by choosing friends with whom we spent a lot of time. Then, what to say about a maid/babysitter you have never seen in your life before! 99.9% of the time you receive from agency absolutely not what you ask for, a person with totally different expectations not to mention your requirements.

Here are some points to consider before you choose this option:


  • If you get the wrong maid (which happens in my experience 99.9% of the time), changing time usually a month, so you have to leave with an unusable person in your home and pay her for tasks that don’t make you feel relaxed. Even it will happen faster, changing by itself is very annoying and unpleasant for both of you.
  • The majority of those ladies don’t have any idea about the job and its duties, so there is a very high dissatisfaction level. They try to run away or change the job once they entered the country… You may have to pay for their visa cancellation & even get her ticket back home. And… START ALL OVER again! Good luck. 🙂
  • Rejected by you, a candidate may show you her attitude because she didn’t ask to work with you or perform your specific tasks. She may be crying the whole day until she leaves or being strongly upset and end up having an attitude or harm your children at some point.
  • Your blindly selected candidate will have to have documents under your name, canceling and dealing with it will be way more complicated and money-wasting depending in your location country.
  • Last but not least, this way is EXTREMELY expensive. You will have to pay agency fees (2500-5000$ depends on the country & candidate nationality). Nowadays agencies are splitting this amount to make you feel better, but if you count it, you will realize its same amount just split in time like a loan.

POSITIVE: I could only come upon with 2 positive points here:

  • Usually salary for this type of inexperienced ladies, way lower than the experienced ones, maybe doubles in some cases.
  • Agency will help you to process documents


If you are lucky you may get a referral from other mothers or friends to help you find your maid, but chances are very low and only a few candidates to select from. This way works well, but only if you have plenty of time to wait or have many friends who know such candidates 🙂


  • The low number of candidates to select from
  • Require a long time to get a good selection
  • You will have to do all the work by yourself from performing interviews to trials so that you can make the right choice!


  • FREE, no extra payments unless the government required mandatory documents
  • You select yourself, low % of rejection
  • One-time document processing for your one and only.

It’s a new & FREE way to make DIRECT contact between domestic workers and employing families. You can select a list of candidates as per your specific requirements. We tried to think about everything by selecting our search to make your selection process easy.


  • You will have to do the entire job yourself, perform interviews & do trials so that you can make the right choice!
  • Usually, the salary of experienced candidates is higher, you will need to pay a bigger salary from 10 to 50% depending on your selection


  • DIRECT CONTACT WITH CANDIDATES, no middle agencies or people in between
  • Majority of candidates on our site are ALREADY in the country or MENA, so you can meet them directly and do personal interview screening
  • We do not force anyone to work, so it’s absolutely common agreement between both of you, chances of wrong selection are very low and if you use our advice by performing a mandatory trial, chances of rejection or misunderstanding will be even lower.
  • A high number of candidates to select from one place
  • In our site, we create Shortlisted CV and Favorite CV sections because you will easily get lost between them very soon.
  • Our RESUME is created specifically for this type of domestic workers, so you can save your time reading ONLY important information to make your choice easier and faster.
  • We remove all office-related subjects and enhance only job-related questions.

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