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I have come upon with 3 major mistakes that most of the women make while choosing helper, which are listed below:

Many mothers make mistakes while choosing proper helper which often leads to a lot of misunderstanding, frustration, & fights on both sides. You must be honest with yourself who you need more, it’s a critical point for your satisfaction and long relationship with this lady. The formula of understanding your needs is easy; if your child spends more than 20% of the time with your maid, then you definitely need a nanny. However, it’s only applicable if you are not at home.

To expect one person to do everything and with a perfect result. Even you as Mother can not do everything alone and perfectly, so how can you expect domestic workers to be able to do it? That is why selecting your priorities will help you to give up some secondary tasks that you may close your eyes on. Actually, I must say it’s not that easy as you may expect, it’s very common in human nature to expect more and more. The best practice which I have discovered by bringing me back to reality is to close your eyes and imagine your life without this help!!! Trust me, you will be back on track very quickly 🙂

For better understanding, differentiate between their duties:

MAID: Is someone who is employed to assist in domestic chores. She is employed to carry out tasks like cleaning the house and cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning the house. Priority is given to cleaning.

NANNY: Refers to a person who is employed to take care of the children in a household. A nanny/housekeepers make a balance between domestic duties and care of the children, but priority is given to kids and safety.

The majority of mothers use the same questions to select between maid & nanny. I strongly believe it’s absolutely wrong (20 Basic interview questions. Read here). The process of selecting each one of them is totally different; the salary range also differs. It’s a different type of relationship between you & maid / you & nanny. While in the first case, a maid is relatively easy to change, it’s not that critical who will clean your dishes. However, it absolutely matters who will shower your kids when you are not at home or administer medicine on time or even stand up at night when they cry.

At the end of the day, it’s your relaxation level which will help you to understand that you made the right choice. I would say that a happy relaxing smile on your face will tell everything.

Be honest with yourself and you will get that rest you are looking for!

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