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Often asked questions

1.Should I invite them home for 1st interview?I would say “NO”, definitely NO. Honestly speaking you don’t want all this unknown people in your house. As well it may be very difficult for them to reach without paying for a taxi which they cannot afford.I would suggest set up public easily accessible point like famous coffee shop in the mall easy accessible by public transport.

2.Should I take my husband with me for 1stinterview, I would also say NO, save him time and nerves as most of those ladies would be rejected. However,you may want him to be present with you on 2ndinterview. It will be good for this 2-3 selected candidates to see main family member she will be working with next few years.

3.Why selecting a maid / nanny is totally different process?Well, there is no other people who will leave in your house and some of them even became family members with time if your selection was right.

4.Should I choose experience maid or fresh with 0 experience?This is very good question. I believe it depend on your time and power which you like to invest. From one side getting a person with no experience make it easier to teach her like writing on an empty white paper but teaching basic things maybe time consuming and you will have to be available all the time until she will be able to learn. From another hand if you already have a lotto handle, teaching basic staff can be very frustrating& time consuming, if you chose right person she may be able to at least perform basic duties nearly as well as you, this going to save you a lot of time. Definitely you will still have to personalize her tasks under your way of handling it.

5.When I chose2 or 3 final candidate show can I choose between them???There is only one answer: YOU MUST TRY.One of my friend has told me its like a watermelon, you have done great job selecting it, now you must open and taste it… You may be surprised but even after trial you may reject them all!

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