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Process of selecting a SUITABLE MAID

Mostly it’s all about agreeing on general condition and teaching her in your way. Please pay attention to a lady’s experience and especially her first employer because the skills that she learned in her first family will stay with her forever. It may look not important enough but if you think deeply about it, Arabic or European or Asian mothers are even boiling potatoes in a different way 🙂 Imagine now, every single detail what she does, will have to be adjusted and changing it to your need will take a lot of time and power. Ask yourself how ready you are to invest such time and power. Thus, I would recommend choosing a person who already works for the same nationality or type of family (Arabic / European / Asian, etc.). Because there is a huge difference between Arabic and European types of daily routine.

One of the critical points of choosing a maid is her task learning time. Some ladies may take way longer than others.

Questions to discuss:

  1. Basic rules (salary / benefits / vacation / etc.).
  2. Previous employer nationality to make her adaptation process easier for you.
  3. Run some short verbal test: combine 3 different tasks in one sentence and ask her to repeat it for you. If she can recall only 1 out of 3; then her learning process will take a very long time. Also, her ability to listen to you will reduce your frustration level unless you enjoy talking with yourself and things are never done in the right way, then you can skip this point 🙂
  4. Another type of test you can perform is showing her 3 different brands of kitchen cleaning liquid and see if she can confirm it’s all the same cleaning material type just from different brands. After my home kitchen countertop has been cleaned with furniture polishing spray, I run this test all the time. This can be anything, feel free to create your own examples 🙂
  5. Running errands procedures. You will be surprised to know how many of those ladies have never seen a washing machine in their life…and I am very serious about it! Even a sophisticated fridge maybe something to discover. Unless you like your favorite wool pullover being washed in 90-degree one day and shrink to your daughter size after it I would recommend asking a lady to read clothes tags for you and once she is hired, be sure she will memorize washing machine cycles blindly!
  6. Family budget plan. Unless you are a queen or super-rich lady with an unlimited budget, you may need to pay attention to extra expenses that this maid can put on your budget or it can be simply avoided. For instance, washing 1 towel in an empty washing machine, THEY LOVE TO DO IT! Your electricity and water bill will raise because she is not the one who is paying, remember this, she will not care unless you do.

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