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Choosing the right Nanny is like getting married! I find it more difficult to get the right nanny than my beloved husband. When you live with someone for the long term, every small habit will make you feel frustrated. So, choose carefully! Once your kids become comfortable with her, it will be very difficult to change her.

We all dream about a GOVERNESS but searching for a NANNY. Honestly, I fall to this trap myself.

Understanding the difference between NANNY / GOVERNESS

The main role of a nanny is to provide a safe & caring environment. General responsibilities include all tasks related to the children’s care. Each nanny position may have slightly different responsibilities, but typically, nannies are responsible for keeping the children’s area neat and tidy, doing their laundry, in addition to providing attentive and high-quality childcare.

A governess is an educationally qualified & employed by the parents to educate the children in their private household. Generally, governesses are not responsible for the general caregiving tasks but are primarily focused on education / lead children’s activities / hygiene training / teach manners / etc.

Actually, I have to say it will never be black and white, in most of the cases it will be always a combination between:

  • Maid 70%-Nanny 30% or
  • Nanny 70%-Maid 30% or
  • Nanny 70%-Governess 30% or
  • Governess 70%-Nanny 30%.

What will make a huge difference is your clear understanding of who do you actually need and what are you ready to give up receiving that required peace of mind and long waited rest! BUT PLEASE NEVER EXPECT GOVERNESS to be MAID AND NANNY IN ONE PERSON!!! This is a false expectation that will never lead you to a good choice!

Selecting your NANNY is a longer and more precise process. I would suggest:

  1. Understand your priorities, what makes you rest? You will be surprised to know that this is not an easy task. Everyone believes that it’s all about cleaning. In reality, there may be totally different things to make you feel rested and relaxed. For instance, in my case, I need to continue night sleep and it must be 8 hours long. I am ready to compromise other duties as long as I am well rested at night. So, you have to find your pain points and be sure you will make your helper understand what is most important.
  2. Be ready to give up or skip some maid/ housekeeping tasks if you need a maid; this is a must. This may take some time as well because now you will say its ok, I will close my eyes but when it comes to the reality you may not be able to cope with it.
  3. Remember it’s all about you! You will have to discuss the priority points during the interview, like waking up during the night or performing some other duties; as not everyone will be ready to perform.
  4. Asking RIGHT questions will make it way easier to shorten your candidate list. I have selected a questionnaire interview list, you can read it here: https://contactmaid.com/what-to-ask-in-interview-20-basic-questions/

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