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After interviewing, hiring, and having a trial with the one… It’s time to
start with the actual work. Let’s have a look at the suggested below points.

  1. Firstly, you will have to set clear priorities for her most important tasks. Remember she will try to do everything at the same time to satisfy you while compromising your priorities most of the time. If she gets used to it, then she will do what she believes is a priority. This will create a big problem for you in the long term. To avoid this, you will have to return her back on track as she will start to run out of power very soon.
  2. Write it down! I mean it, write it down; depending on the duties everything must be written… No matter how much you believe she will remember, trust me, in the next 24 hours she will hardly recall 15-20% of what you will tell her. So, you can make a task list with 1st and 2nd priorities to make it more clear.
        I would suggest 5 basic templates to use:
    • Duties priority list
    • Cleaning schedule
    • Child routine schedule
    • School lunch box schedule
    • A non-disclosure agreement (will appreciate some lawyer help)
  3. No matter how experienced this lady is! She will require 6 months to become perfect (if you can say this). I am with the opinion that an extremely experienced lady will take about a month, in most cases, when getting used to your family will take around 3 months. However, if a lady is fresh with no experience, be ready to invest 6 months of your time. It’s good and bad at the same time; the less experience this lady has, the more you can customize her under your requirements…
  4. On the first day, I will suggest discussing your home rules:
  • Grooming routine included, but not limited to: hair tightening during work hours/nail shortening / using specific perfume etc.
  • Where to keep her phone during working hours
  • Home closes (uniform if any) & sleeping clothes. I get a lot of complaints that some ladies would like to sleep naked or nearly naked, which creates some tension within the family.
  • Using electricity & water which can dramatically affect your bill
  • Sharing family / children photos on her social media profiles
  • Performing religion-related procedures outside or inside the house
  • Bringing friends home rules & sharing family details with them in private conversations
  • Calling her family timing and allowance, if any, because in many cases her family may not have internet at home, so she will need to use normal phone & charges will apply.
  • Going out to a public area with you or your children and making friends with other domestic working ladies
  • Setting up her wardrobe and keeping it clean & tidy
  • In case of sleeping out agreement, exact time to come back
  • She will probably need some toiletries or a few other items, get a list and order it. Which one to buy? Well, this is totally up to you…

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