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What candidate want to hear during interview?

What candidate want to hear during interview? Most of my recent blogs are about Employer wishes but one of the most important fact that will enhance candidate decision is her job expectation clear understanding & satisfaction… Also, it will take you some time for you to decide as well because it’s not easy decisions and will require some arrangements.

Be sure you discuss below points with your family members ahead, changing those details may strongly affect candidate performing your job later

I would suggest 3 type of information to think about and discuss during your interview:


•Salary. Be careful with this point because sometimes we believe that the more,we pay the better service we will get… Actually,I would strongly disagree with this, when you announce higher than market salary your expectation will be very high,but majority of candidates will not be able to perform accordingly. Probably setting middle range budget would be better idea and ones you see that this lady is what you need, you can offer her better payment to enhance her performance.

•Priority tasks vs secondary. I would say this is extremely important point because clear understanding of her task will make huge difference on candidate satisfaction level and as result yours as well. In many cases candidate prefer to do specific duties and doing other duties may make her feel uncomfortable and as result affect it performance or even rejection to do it.

•Resting schedule. Your mutual agreement is totally up to 2 of you:

a. Day or days off, working hours and specific hours to rest, mid-daybreak.

b. Bringing friends home rules & sharing family details with them in private conversations

c. In case of sleeping out agreement exact time to come back

•Family time. Calling her family timing and allowance if any because in many cases her family may not have internet at home, so she will need to use normal phone & charges will apply.

•Vacation and tickets. You must agree on her soonest vacation because in a lot of cases the moment you make your deal suddenly,she will ask for vacation. Be sure you will be aware of it ahead.

•Phone usage during working hours& using headsets

•Performing religion related procedures inside & outside the house

•Duty performing places. It may sound strange,but some candidates strongly reject to accompany family to public areas(mall / playing areas /friends /swimming pool etc.)It will be right time to see if she can swim as well or willing to do it.


•Utilities:using electricity & water which can dramatically affect your bill

•Cleaning procedure:usual daily basic procedure

•Specific home duties like gardening or car washing

•Child routine schedule: waking them up, feeding, dressing, showering etc.

School related duties:

  • lunch box preparation
  • uniform care
  • bag cleaning
  • replacing daily items
  • accompany kids to school or school bus


  • Grooming routine including but not limited to: hair tightening during work hours / nail shortening / using specific perfume etc.
  • Uniform& sleeping clothes. I get a lot of complains that some ladies would like to sleep naked or nearly naked,which creates some tension within family.
  • Sharing employer family / employer children photos on her social media profiles.
  • Public area behavior like chatting or making new friends with other domestic working ladies

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