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If you are wondering about what to ask her during the interview, then I can help you here. Below are the categories listed to sort out the 20 interview questions.

CANDIDATE DETAILS: Start with some basic information like:

  1. Availability status, end of tourist / residential visa / grace period (for trial Purpose in case, if she will be selected).
  2. Possible joining date and last vacation time. I found that many of them once selected suddenly remember that they didn’t go on a vacation and they need it right now ))
  3. How do you spend your free time? What are you doing? How many friends you have? Where are they? What do they work? Maybe some of you will say it’s not important, in my case I find this to be extremely important because there are many different types of characters and I was specifically looking for a homely person. I didn’t feel secure to hire someone who only counts hours to escape from home and go to a party. At the same time, I want this person to feel comfortable while staying home most of the time.
  4. Candidate family status & amount of kids (boys/girls)? What age did you leave them? Who helps you to grow them? Upon asking these questions to ladies, I found that a lot of ladies ONLY deliver their children but NEVER RAISE them! They just simply give kids to their relatives or family members and travel for work. If you are looking for a nanny, be sure your selected candidate has grown her kids herself until at least 3 years and after that only had started traveling for work!


  1. How many years of experience & in which countries? List all of them.
  2. I strongly believe that the first experience makes a huge difference. The first employer will inculcate the basic working skills that will be very hard to change after and the more experience a person has, the more time will require to adjust them. My advice is to choose an experience that suits your requirements. For example, a lady working in a European home with 2 children will hardly fit in an Arabic house with 5 kids. The difference in tradition and way of handling household is huge. The way these 2 ladies structure their daily routine is totally different, as well as kids’ babysitter relationships, also vary. Adjusting those habits will require to double-time rather than teaching a fresh lady with similar to yours or with 0 experience.

Ask to mention them all one by one and pay attention to the type of employing family (Arabic / European / Asian etc.) that make the whole difference! Remember to ask the same questions listed below per each employer:

  • Employer name, why is it important? You will be surprised how many times experience doesn’t exist and was created only to add some fake value, asking precise name will reveal this point.
  • Mother’s daily routine makes a huge difference in the ability of maid to work Independently; schedule her tasks and be sure that it gets executed and completed Properly especially if kids are involved. It is a critical point to understand if kids spend the whole day alone with nanny without mother supervision. That is why you must ask the lady to describe her daily routine in each house hour by hour!
  • How was your day in this family from morning till night?
  • Resignation reason. Even I believe most of the ladies will not reveal the truth but it is worth trying!
  • Cooking What type of food they use to eat / did you eat with them? Honestly, this is not much important point but can bring you some free time. A lot of ladies will tell you they can cook, but be sure and check it yourself.


  1. What salary will make you feel comfortable under my working conditions? The majority of them are ready to accept any salary just to get a job, especially without knowing the whole details it’s difficult to decide.
  2. Put as a priority: cleaning or babysitting. That looks like an easy question, but many candidates were honestly answering and that was my rejection point in many cases because most of them were putting cleaning as a priority on kids and in my case that was not acceptable.
  3. What is your previous medical history? Do you have any allergies\ intolerances? Smoking?
  4. Benefits expected?
  5. What is your biggest fear?
  6. What are the factors which make you lose your temper?
  7. How do you feel about a dress code/ uniform/ tight hair/ short nails?


  1. In case of fire, would you use stairs or elevator?
  2. Run some short verbal test:
    • Combine 3 different tasks in one sentence and ask her to repeat it for you. If she can recall only 1 out of 3, her learning process will take a very long time. Also, her ability to listen to you will reduce your frustration level unless you enjoy talking with yourself when things are never done in the right way then you can skip this point.
    • Another type of test you can perform in such a situation is showing her 3 different brands of kitchen cleaning liquid and see if she can confirm these are all the same. After my home kitchen countertop has been cleaned with furniture polishing spray, I run this test all the time. This can be anything, feel free to create your own liquids.

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